Pundits rules are relatively simple: 

i) Never identify yourself during a live event or attempt to identify. Pundit's intentions is to provide an even playing field for everyone, no matter who you are. It is what is being said that is in focus, not who is saying it. 

ii) No racism, sexism, mocking, bullying, abuse, defaming, spiteful, threatening content will be tolerated on our platform. Pundit is a place for entertainment and fun - hate, offending, evil or hurtful content has no place here. The user will be banned from our services on a permanent basis.

iii) No spam. That falls under the previous listing of "evil content" and you will be banned. This also goes for any links to external sites.

iv) No posts of personal contact information, especially if its not your own.

In general we hope you are friendly, kind, respectful and enjoy the community of sport-lovers we are trying to build. If you in any way try to prevent us in doing that or we feel you are being counter productive in our goal we will have to close your account for you.